Death Is An Enemy by Ivy E. Lathan

This one’s not a review. This is an original poem.
I wrote this piece the morning before my grandmother’s death. 
I realized that her death was eminent (though I didn’t know how eminent), reality struck me it had finally settled in that Granny wasn’t going to recover from this battle.

Death is the enemy, I don’t want to face.

Is death a dragon,
with a mighty roar,
breathing sharp flames of pain to envelop us?

Is death an unmerciful creditor,
pounding on the door,
forcefully collecting its due?

Is death a goliath,
looming over us,
making plans to exert its strength?

Is death a kraken,
lurking in calm waters,
until it feels a need to satisfy its hunger?

Is death carbon monoxide,
silently filling our bodies,
until it gradually overcomes us?

Is death an atom bomb,
striking suddenly,
and changing everything about life instantly?

I realize death is all of these.
It it more than all of these.
Death is the worst enemy.

Death is an enemy, I don’t want to face.
But who, if they had their choice,
would face any enemy?


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