Where’d I get the name Two Block Reviews? Quite simply, I live within two blocks of my local library. I walk there at least once a week to peruse the local stacks.

A few other interesting tid bits about me:

  • I’m an accountant. My day job gives me an analytic approach to most things and is probably reflected in the way I review books.
  • I don’t leave the house without a book. It doesn’t matter, if I am actually going to have time to read or not.
  • It’s very rare that I finish a book if I don’t enjoy it. If a story doesn’t hold my interest, I don’t force myself to muddle through it. Therefor, any book that makes it to my page is deemed at least worthy of reading. Even if it wasn’t my favorite, I didn’t absolutely hate it.

Other than that, I don’t plan to bore you with more details about me. I once read that it is much more effective to give a reader the clues to a characters personality and let them come to their own conclusions, rather than describe the character directly. That is what I plan to do here. It would be the ultimate compliment for my readers to come to know me through the things I write.

 It would be the ultimate compliment, for a reader to say that they felt they came to know my through my book reviews.